Addressing Scope 3 Emissions to Achieve Science-Based Targets



Scope 3 emissions represent the greatest source of total emissions for many companies. For a target to be officially validated by the SBTi, companies whose scope 3 emissions cover more than 40% of their total emissions need to set scope 3 targets. However, setting scope 3 targets, understanding which scope 3 emissions to report, collecting data and then reducing these emissions can be challenging and complicated.

This webinar aims to support participants to overcome these challenges by providing insight into the Scope 3 requirements and guidance published by the SBTi including practical steps on how to begin identifying, measuring and reducing emissions, as well as engaging with stakeholders across the value chain to reduce emissions. The webinar will feature expert guidance and best practice examples from business case studies.

Hosted by UN Global Compact Network UK and the Science Based Targets initiative.

Webinaari järjestetään 8.12.2020 klo 16-17. Linkki tapahtumaan.