Biodiversity and the Private Sector





What actions can business take to urgently prevent biodiversity loss?

Nature across most of the globe has been altered by human actions, with the majority of indicators of ecosystems and biodiversity showing rapid decline. Urgent and ambitious action is needed to prevent a larger environmental crisis.

What is the role of business in all this and what should companies do now? What kind of risks can biodiversity loss pose to companies? How can companies better understand and measure their impacts on nature?

In this event these questions will be discussed with experts representing NGOs, government, academia and business. Join us on 12th May 2022!

This event is available and free of charge for participants of UN Global Compact networks in Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.


  • Time: Thursday, 12 May 2022, at 10:00–11:45 AM EEST
  • Location: Online
  • Language: English
  • Participants: Companies participating in the UN Global Compact in Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden
  • Recording: The event will be recorded

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