Black Lives Matter & Business: ESG Investing



Global Compactin paikallisverkosto Isossa-Britanniassa järjestää webinaarin moninaisuudesta yritysvastuun mittarina.

At this webinar, participants will discuss the growing importance of ethnic diversity as an ESG metric and the impact of the Parker Review. The webinar explores why investment managers are increasingly calling on companies to reveal and diversify the ethnic make-up of their boards and what are the implications for companies which fail to do so. The event will highlight good practice examples from the UK Network – companies with a diverse ethnic make-up of their boards, with a particular focus on good representation of Black people.

This webinar is the first installment of the second Black Lives Matter & Business webinar series. The four webinars in this series bring together business and civil society leaders to showcase how businesses are addressing salient race issues and provide inspirational sessions with actionable ideas.

Registration is free and open to all.

This webinar will be held on Thursday the 22nd of April at 16-17:15 Finnish time.

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