Black Lives Matter & Business (UN Global Compact Network UK)





UN Global Compact Network UK järjestää syksyllä kuusiosaisen Black Lives Matter & Business -webinaarisarjan.

In this upcoming six-part webinar series, Global Compact Network UK and a diverse selection of expert guest speakers will explore the role of business in advocating for the rights of Black people.

Webinaarisarjan ensimmäinen osa Black Lives Matter & Business: Storytelling järjestetään Zoomissa 15.9. klo 16 Suomen aikaa. Webinaari pidetään englanniksi ja se on avoin kaikille. Lue tapahtuman kuvaus ja ilmoittaudu mukaan:

The power of storytelling can encourage change. It is a tool that unites us as a society, as it teaches and penetrates the consciousness of an individual. Hearing about how people from the Black community are experiencing the workplace constitutes the beginning of real change. Personal stories that speak of microaggressions, harassment, privilege, and unconscious bias need to be played back to managers so that they understand the behaviours that are happening in their teams and on their watch.

This webinar will harness the power of storytelling to raise the level of consciousness for the business community in a way that influences the eradication of behaviours that do not create an inclusive work environment.

Objectives and key takeaways:

  • Learn about Black British history in the context of business
  • Understand unconscious and conscious bias through lived experiences
  • Understand what exclusionary language is within corporate settings
  • Learn about microaggressions and the impact they can have on individuals and in the workplace
  • Learn more about how societal understanding of professionalism is centred on race

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