Global Science Based Targets for Financial Institutions





Get a thorough understanding of how financial institutions can set ambitious climate targets.

Financial institutions have special influence over companies through their investment and lending services. Therefore they are also in a unique position to encourage and put pressure on companies to set ambitious climate targets which correspond to the scenarios outlined in the Paris Agreement. 

But how can financial institutions approach the mission of decarbonizing their investments? The answer can be found in the Science Based Targets methodology for financial institutions which was released in April of this year.

During this webinar, you will learn more about how financial institutions can set scientifically founded climate targets and why it is important that they do so. You will also get an overview of the three methods which Science Based Targets currently supports in the new methodology. Finally, there will be plenty of time for you to ask questions.

This event is organized by Global Compact Network Denmark in collaboration with the Global Compact Networks of Finland, Norway, and Sweden. It will take place on 19 November at 10–11:45 EET.

NB! Please note that the webinar is for representatives of companies which are part of a Nordic Global Compact network.