Platform Demo: Communication on Progress





Join this demo and Q&A session of the new Communication on Progress platform.

11 October 2023, 16.00 EEST (Helsinki)

This session provides a demo of the new Communication on Progress platform and a Q&A section for questions you may have.

How can I prepare for this session

Please log on to the CoP Academy page to see recordings of past CoP informative sessions, and access the Questionnaire and CEO statement of continued support template.

Register here.

Also sign up for other CoP Office Hour Sessions:

  • 25 October 2023, 16.00 EEST (Helsinki)
  • 8 November 2023, 16.00 EST (Helsinki)
  • 22 November 2023, 16.00 EST (Helsinki)

Each of these office hour sessions will start with a quick overview of the two requirements, the CoP questionnaire and CEO statement of continued support, as well as an update on methods of submission. The rest of the session is dedicated to Q&A to make sure your questions are answered in a timely fashion and to ensure knowledge sharing across the Global Compact.


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