SBT Sector Exchanges: Buildings




UN Global Compact Academy

Join to engage with science-based targets experts and SBT early adopters in the buildings sector.

Companies are facing pressure to set 1.5°C science-based targets and align their business strategies with a net-zero future. Although sector-specific guidance has been developed for many industries, companies are still seeking support to better understand the best ways in which to approach setting and achieving science-based targets.

This 6-part sector-specific virtual series will facilitate exchanges and accelerate action on this topic.

Sessions will be held from 3 October to 9 November 2023. Each session will run for 60 minutes.

  • Power: 3 October
  • Buildings: 10 October
  • Information and Communication Technology: 12 October
  • Forest, Land & Agriculture: 17 October
  • Financial Institutions: 25 October
  • Transport: 9 November

Who can attend?

Please note that these sessions are targeted at companies who have at a minimum, committed to set a science-based target and have an understanding of the general SBTi processes and minimum criteria. Sessions are open to UN Global Compact Participants.

How to register?

Sign up for the session on the sector in which your organisation operates in the UN Global Compact Academy.

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