SDG12 Benchmark: Zero Waste and the Circular Economy





Join UN Global Compact Network UK's five-part webinar series on SDG Benchmarks.

Embedding circular economy principles in business strategy is the way of the future. To remain competitive, companies should strive to make advances in their product design and operations via resource efficiency, materials recycling, selecting the most renewable inputs possible, and taking opportunities for circularity.

Join part three of the five-part SDG Benchmarks for Business Transformation webinar series by UN Global Compact Network UK for guidance through an impact-oriented roadmap for business transformation. The UN Global Compact's SDG Business Benchmarks translate the ambition level of the SDGs into concrete, achievable aspirations for business in the areas that are most relevant to business.

This event is held in English on 31 March 2022 at 16–17:30 EET. Participation is open and free to all.


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