UNICEF Briefing: Supporting Healthy Environment for Healthy Children





Join this briefing to explore the challenges that children are facing from environmental and pollution hazards across the globe.

Climate change and environmental degradation, including exposure to hazardous chemicals and waste, are deeply affecting the way that children grow and develop: 1.8 billion children under the age of 15 years breathe polluted air and one in three children have unacceptably high levels of lead in their blood.

This interactive briefing will offer a unique opportunity to better understand:

  • How climate change and environmental degradation are impacting children
  • How UNICEF is working with governments and communities to lead change and reduce impact
  • How business partners can become part of the solution, and maximize financial and non-financial investments supporting UNICEF’s work across critical issues affecting children, including:

a) toxic metals, toxic chemicals and hazardous waste
b) environmental risks (air pollution)
c) climate change


Place: Online
Participants: Open to UNICEF partners, including organizations participating in the UN Global Compact