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SDG Flag Day 25.9.2023

What is SDG Flag Day?

SDG Flag Day is a global flag campaign held on the anniversary of the UN Sustainable Development Goals on September 25.

September 25th 2023 marked the eighth anniversary of the adoption of the UN Agenda 2030 for sustainable development. At the core of the Agenda are 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which guide global action on sustainable development until 2030.

We are at the halfway point of the Agenda 2030. Progress on the SDGs is off-track and time is running out.

Now is the time to increase the momentum to implement the SDGs and show our commitment to this global universal agenda. Whole society plays an important role in the implementation of the SDGs. 

By raising the SDG Flag on September 25th 2023 you show your commitment to the SDGs and increase awareness of the Agenda 2030.

Thank you to all participants!

#SDGFlagDay #TogetherForTheSDGs

How to participate?


Fill out the registration form and order the SDG flag from the webstore


Raise the flag on September 25th 2023


Share your participation on social media using #TogetherForTheSDGs & #SDGFlagDay

Explore all social media cards here.

Anyone can join the SDG Flag campaign! 

We hope to have a wide range of companies, municipalities, NGOs, organizations, schools, and individuals to take part in in the campaign.

Order the SDG flag

Order the SDG flag from the webstore of UN Association of Finland. The flag is available in two sizes:

Large SDG flag

Size:          225 x 150 cm
Material:  100% recycled polyester (made from PET bottles)

Price:        52 €

Small SDG flag

Size:           150 x 100 cm
Material:    100% recycled polyester (made from PET bottles)
Price:          35 €

Communications tips

SDG Flag Day is a great opportunity to highlight the sustainability work of your organization. For example, you can:

  • share what your organization is doing to advance sustainable development

  • tell about the most material SDGs for your organization, and share how you are advancing them

  • publish new targets for your organization which are aligned with sustainable development

  • celebrate the people within your organization who are working on sustainability and share their work

Detailed instructions on how to participate and communicate are found in the participant's guide. The guide contains example social media posts, photos for social media and a press release template. Click the button below to open the guide.

Sustainable Development Goals

The global work on sustainable development is guided by the Agenda 2030 adopted by all UN Member States. At its heart are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 targets. The scale and ambition of the Agenda 2030 is unprecedented – the universal goals are for all countries and all stakeholders. They balance the three dimensions of sustainable development: the social, the environmental, and the economic.

The SDGs offer a common language and a compass for solving the sustainability challenges. In addition to states, participation of local government, the private sector, civil society, and citizens is needed. All goals are closely interlinked: no goal and be pursued at the expense of another. Important principle is that no one is left behind. 

By clicking the icons below, you can read more about each of the SDGs on the United Nations website.

Challenge your network to join

SDG Flag Day is open for everyone, and we hope to have a large number of organizations and people taking part in the campaign. 

You can challenge your municipality, school, university, friends or companies and organizations to take part by clicking the buttons below.

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