Target Setting for Gender Equality: SMEs





Join this regional exchange session to learn how SMEs can set clear and ambitious targets for gender equality.

Setting and articulating clear targets for gender equality enables an organization to define an ambitious roadmap while staying accountable. Learn how in our upcoming regional exchange session — an interactive live event taking place in multiple regions around the globe. The first sessions on 1 February are dedicated to target setting in SMEs.

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The Countdown to International Women’s Day

A high-impact, interactive learning journey designed to help your company move from commitment to action on gender equality.

Through weekly activities from 1 February to 8 March 2023, you will join global peers in a mix of live and on-demand learning experiences. You’ll unpack what holistic corporate action for gender equality looks like in practice — regardless of your region, industry or sector.

Why join

  • Receive concrete frameworks and tools to set — and make progress on — ambitious corporate targets for gender equality
  • Gain insights from UN and industry experts on how to advance women leadership, male allyship, equal pay and more
  • Develop key messages and actions that your company can meaningfully leverage this International Women’s Day (and beyond)