Julkaistu 16.03.2021



Zuleyka Moisio: Confidex – Our Sense of Tomorrow

Sustainability at Confidex starts with our values, Trust, Expertise, Commitment. We believe doing business in a sustainable way requires strong principles around products that boost efficiency and minimize waste. That has been our core since Day One.

With Finnish roots, we are a global company and the world’s most trusted and valued provider of short-range wireless product solutions. Our technology serves companies and enterprises in public transportation, logistics, automotive and manufacturing industries, enabling reliable Industrial Digitalization since 2005. We design special, industrial-grade wireless products to optimize process flows and enable lean operations through use of short-range wireless identification and sensing technologies.

Our global leadership position calls on us to act for the development of a smarter planet by helping promote smarter business practices towards a more sustainable future.

Supporting the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative

As an active participant of the United Nations Global Compact, Confidex Sense of Tomorrow’s Sustainability Program can foster corporate responsibility. Global need for reduction in CO2 emissions – along with business demand for improved efficiency and industrial productivity – are driving the digital transformation of manufacturing, supply chains and transportation. Confidex is at the heart of this transformation and we recognize the need to accelerate the pace towards solving global sustainability challenges. We strongly believe that the UN Global Compact reference framework will drive our efforts towards more concrete objectives and plans.

Our mission is simple: to have a smarter and more secure tomorrow by creating solutions that save resources and release time for inspiration. We do it by providing uncompromising quality within our operations while enabling more sustainable practices, processes deliveries and materials.

An enabler of Circular Economy

One hidden strength of Confidex’s product family is its capacity to enable the circular economy. With Confidex RFID tags, companies are empowered to share an economy of unlimited products and services, from bicycles to working tools. Our RFID tags are at the forefront of a strategy to “Inform” all members of this economy by allowing companies to collect up-to-date information on their operations in real time.

When it comes to tag sustainability, Confidex is actively collaborating with solution providers to allow the repurposing of RFID tags by reprogramming them for future use. We are advancing alternatives to replace less sustainable materials with bioplastics or recycled plastics as part of initiatives like ECOtronics. And our portfolio already includes some ECO-friendly products such as PET-free labels and non-PVC products.

Confidex leverages Environmental, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement ratings with the support of EcoVadis which help us monitor our organization’s manufacturing processes, practices and principles. And finally, our partnership ecosystem – promoting circular economy strategies – serves as a model as we move forward with our sustainability agenda.

A long way, but a clear vision

We strive to responsibly develop reliable and sustainable products, services, and ecosystems for the digital transformation of industries, transportation and infrastructures of our planet. This is our Sustainability Vision.

Through responsible innovation, Confidex advances environmental and economic development and human wellbeing.

Zuleyka Moisio
Global Channel and Sales Director, Sustainability Champion
Confidex Oy